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Real Estate Without The Pressure And For The Client...

We believe that buying or selling should be a fond memory that you look back on. Your service should delight you! And we're here to make that happen.

We want you to have a customized, relational experience.
This begins by listening to your story. There's more to home buying or selling than square footage and the number of beds and baths. There is always a reason, a "why," behind your needs.

  • Taking the time to hear about the why behind your needs and investing ourselves into your story helps us build a relationship and serve you with more nuance for your specific circumstances.

We want you to have a pressure-free experience.
So we've created and committed to the pressure-free Story Guarantee.

  • The Story Guarantee: We will listen to your story, hear your needs, and help you accomplish your goals on your timeframe.

Your story isn't about us. You have plans and needs. It's our job to help you accomplish those plans on YOUR timeframe, not rush you into a bad situation for a quick paycheck. We believe that if we serve you well, we will be rewarded. Earning a quick dollar at your expense isn't the way to do that. So, we approach serving you with the mindset of a guide! What does a guide do?

  • A guide meets others where they're at in their journey and provides resources and knowledge to speed up their progress toward what they desire. That's what we want for you.

We want you to have an honest experience with your realtor.

  • We believe that trust requires transparency. So, we keep you well-informed on every step of your journey.

If there's a bad inspection or similar issue during your journey, you can count on us to let you know. Beyond that, we have an in-house transaction coordinator to manage all our transactions from start to finish. So you can have confidence that an expert is dedicated to keeping you updated and your transaction on track.

We want you to be delighted by the service you receive.
That means your guide will proactively search for properties that meet your nuanced needs and provide knowledge and insight into the market trends. You won't be the only set of eyes looking out for just the right property anymore. And you no longer have to take on the burden of tirelessly researching the market because we'll do it for you!

  • Typically, a realtor wears at least 3 hats. 1) Marketing. 2) Client Service. 3) Transaction Management. 

We wanted to free up our realtors to be 100% focused on you. So, we founded the true team model on the Palouse. Keeping an in-house transaction coordination team, an in-house marketing team, an in-house admin team, and specializing most of our agent roles to serve buyers or sellers exclusively enables our agents to focus on just 1 thing instead of many.

  • No matter what stage of your journey you are in, your service will be handled by a master of their craft.

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